PataPawa Vending Services

What is PataPawa?

PataPawa provides a business opportunity for vendors of prepaid electricity tokens. Pata Pawa is fast, reliable and
secure, and provides a complete end-to-end platform to vend and manage an efficient electronic token distribution

PataPawa is the premium Mobile phone-based vending service that also uses dedicated Point-of-Sales terminals,
or vending via your personal computer.

Start your pre-paid and electricity business today!

How do I sell?

Prepaid vending with PataPawa is easy, and utilizes the latest-generation technologies to provide a number of
convenient point-of-sale options for selling prepaid electricity tokens:


Sell tokens, with zero startup cost, using your own GPRS-enabled Mobile phone


Sell tokens, with zero startup cost, from your own personal computer using an existing Internet connection



Sell tokens using a wireless, dedicated point-of-sale (POS) terminal using GPRS

How do I become a vendor?

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